About I’ll Be Jigged

I’ll Be Jigged is  a “mom and pop operation” run by Joel and Cyndy Drury out of Dupo, Illinois.  When we first started crappie fishing we lost so many jigs that we started making our own to save money.  We improved our fishing ability but found we enjoyed pouring and painting our own customized jig heads.  For many years we fished crappie tournaments throughout the United States with all of the tournament circuits and founded the Southern Illinois Crappie Association, Inc. tournament trail in 1999 which continues today.

Our goal at the outset and still today is to produce a quality custom jig head at a reasonable price.  We will not sell a jig head to a customer that we would not use.

We are now retired from work and tournament fishing and enjoy spending our time crappie fishing thirty days are more a year from our camper near Truman Lake.