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Add flash and spin to your presentation to trigger more bites. FISHED Slow or fast, vertical or horizontal this bait can be deadly, especially during the winter months.  Add your own 3d eyes or contact us at crappie5@htc.net for eye prices.  1/16 and 3/32 use 3/32″ eyes, 1/8 uses 1/8″, 5/32, 3/16 uses 5/32″, 1/4 uses 3/16″.


1/16oz., 3/32oz., 1/8oz.

Hook Size

4, 2, 1

Hook Style

Regular, Sickle

Hook Color

Black, Bronze, Gold, Red

Blade Style

Colorado, Willow

Blade Size

0, 1

Blade Finish

Hammered, Smooth

Color Painted

Black, Black Blue Flake, Black Chartreuse Flake, Black Red Flake, Blaze Orange, Blue, Bold Gill, Bright Green, Brown, Candy Black, Candy Blue, Candy Copper, Candy Gold, Candy Green, Candy Lime, Candy Orange, Candy Pink, Candy Purple, Candy Raspberry, Candy Red, Candy Watermelon, Candy Yellow, Chartreuse Pepper, Chrome, Copperhead, Disco Autumn, Disco Gold, Disco Green, Disco Lime, Disco Midnight, Disco Orange, Disco Pink, Disco Red, Disco Vampire, Dragonfly, Flame Red, Glow Blue, Glow Green, Glow Green Chartreuse, Glow Pink, Glow Red, Glow White, Glow Yellow Chartreuse, Gold, Green Chartreuse, Hot pink, Junebug, New Penny, Pearl Orange, Pearl Pepper, Pearl Pink, Pearl White, Plum, Pumpkin Brown, Pumpkin Green, Pumpkin Orange, Purple, Purple Haze, Red, Red Bug, Red Ruby Slipper, Robin Egg Blue, Salmon, Sapphire, Smoke, Watermelon, Watermelon Dark, Watermelon Flake, Watermelon Pepper, White, Yellow, Yellow Chartreuse


5pk, 10pk, 25pk, 50pk