PILL HEAD JIG PAINTED – 1/16 – 1/8oz.


The flat sides permit placement of stick-on decal lure eyes on the jig head. Size 2.5 Stick-On Lure Eyes fit all weights of Aspirin-Head Jigs: Size 4 eyes can be used on 3/16 oz. and above; Size 5 eyes will fit on 1/2 oz. and larger.

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1/16oz., 1/24, 1/8oz.

Hook Size

1 – 1/8 only, 1/0 – 1/8 only, 2-1/8 only, 2/0 – 1/8 only, 4, 6 – 1/24 and 1/16 only

Hook Color

Black, Bronze, Gold, Red

Hook Style

Regular, Sickle

Head Style

No Barb (collar), Single Barb


Black, Black Blue Flake, Blaze Orange, Bright Green, Brown, Candy Blue, Candy Copper, Candy Green, Candy Lime, Candy Orange, Candy Pink, Candy Purple, Candy Red, Candy Yellow, Chrome, Copperhead, Disco Gold, Disco Green, Disco Pink, Dragonfly, Flame Red, Glow Blue, Glow Green, Glow Green Chartreuse, Glow Pink, Glow Red, Glow White, Glow Yellow Chartreuse, Gold, Green Chartreuse, Hot pink, Junebug, New Penny, Pearl Orange, Pearl Pepper, Pearl Pink, Pearl White, Pumpkin Brown, Pumpkin Green, Purple, Red, Red Ruby Slipper, Robin Egg Blue, Salmon, Sapphire, Watermelon, Watermelon Dark, Watermelon Flake, Watermelon Pepper, White, Yellow, Yellow Chartreuse


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